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 Miracle of Vatican: Fatima  Cradle of the Inquisition. Batalia  Fun for Kids: Aquaparks, Kidzania Park, Safari, Oceanarium, Karting Tracks Baleal Islands / Peniche & Serf school Paradise on the Beach Lisbon. * Part 1. Fado show  SPAIN. Merida  CORRIDA A PORTUGUESA Best Football Matches Lisbon. *Part 2 Toreador Panch Party. Horse riding & hunting Elvas. Spain. Badajos  Coimbra. «PORTUGAL DOS PEQUENITOS» Nazare Porto Caldas da Rainha. San Martinho do Porto Grutas Mira De Aire Sintra. At the edge of the World. Cabo da Roca Spain. Seville Wine Tasting Affairs Alcobaça Romantic Obidos Spain. Salamanca Santa Maria Waterfall In the footsteps of the Knights Templar. Tomar & Almourol Mountain adventures. Serra da Estrela Bussaco Golf Yacht Club, Diving & Ocean Fishing Harley Davidson Club Casino                      

Fatima (19 km.)

This place shrouded in mystery and protracted silence till this day, was recognized by Vatican and inspired deep reverence of millions of Catholics and Orthodox, who come here from all over the world. It’s curious, but this is the only place where Catholic and Orthodox Churches do not contradict each other. This can be easily witnessed by a fact, that both Catholic masses and Orthodox services are conducted at the same Temples, and the only thing that differs is the time of the beginning. 
Last hundred years, millions of people claim Fatima to be the most unique place on the planet, where prayers and requests go directly to Heaven, making Fatima – Special Heavenly Gateway, without any obstacle between you and the Heavenly Office.
Millions from around the world strive here to pray for their loved ones, as payers for someone are especially empowered here. Facts of healings of hopelessly sick, do not have any rational explanation, counting thousands of documented by official Vatican cases.
Noteworthy is the procedure of Recognition of a Miracle on the level of the Vatican. World Scientific Council gathered together scientists and doctors, the ones the most distant from religion, if not to say pure skepticism of the world science, nine months attempting to present logical and scientific substantiations that do not exist. As only in cases of absolute impossibility of logical explanation, miraculous healing can be recognized by the Vatican as the accomplished fact. Walking along these holy places, you’d see a huge number of candles formed in a shape of parts of human body, these candle-prototypes are being burnt by believers praying and interceding for healing of their loved ones, friends and relatives. 
From a historical point of view, the True Miracle – numerous appearance of Virgin Mary to people, took place almost yesterday, on the 13th of May 1918 in particular, and repeated for 6 months. Her last visitation simultaneously witnessed 700 000 people. 
Until the year 2000, Fatima’s Virgin Mary revelations have been kept by Vatican in a strict secret, despite of all the demands for disclosure and attempts of religious fanatics to put pressure by all means, even aircraft hijacking.
Vatican officially acknowledged this place to be the Christian relic for Orthodox and Catholic Christians throughout the world and extremely reluctantly agreed to reveal the world two out of three Fatima prophecies. The third one is being hided till this day.
Two children, that first witnessed the appearance of Virgin Mary, died the year after and buried in the Tomb of Fatima inside Holy Trinity Church. Every 10 years, the official Committee of Vatican opens the Tomb stating the phenomenon - оne body is decomposing naturally, another one stays warm and untouched by decay for over 101 years. The third child, a girl, lived to 95 years old. She was deprived of monastic dignity at the age of 90, because she changed faith to Dominican. Fatima roads are polished bright by knees of Christians coming here with prayers from around the world. 
Only here, within the walls of these architectural creations, you’d be able to see huge crucifixion of Jesus Christ with the face of a man with down syndrome. Because it’s believed here that the Lord God has a way, a technical algorithm for the reproduction of Angels, people without malice and envy inside, just with one extra chromosome – God’s Sparkle that sets them apart from all the others.

The cradle of the Inquisition. Batalia (5 km. )

It's well known that Gaudi impudently "plagiarized” and appropriated his famous style of architecture. In fact, Gothic masterpieces in Portuguese Architectural style "Manuelino" were created long before his birth. Astonishing Gothic Cathedral diligently cherished by UNESCO nowadays, for centuries was built only by the gallows and sentenced to death… As common workers dreaded of collapse of 30-meters tall vaults any second. So the architect had nothing left to do but enter the Church and personally abide there for 5 days, in an attempt to convince people that this architectural marvel will stand still. It’s this particular Monastery changes the color of the walls twice a year by itself, without any intelligible explanation. *Rational hypotheses do not exist*
If you hunt the Fortune only here you have a unique chance to win its Favor – by crossing the doorway with your right foot lifted high. Glance up to the cathedral’s door opening and behold holy faces of 12 Apostles, watching you closely. The square by the monastery walls is nothing but an ancient place for public executions. It absorbed centuries of crowd's triumph, gathering to the show Friday night to watch someone burnt or quartered. It is here The Great Inquisition was conceived... 
They say within these walls, scary book "Malleus Maleficarum", Hammer of Witches took its origin, world's demonology treatise that pushed humanity to the centuries of the Inquisition cleansing fire... It is here Carmelite monks abide, maintaining the equilibrium of Universe by vow of eternal silence. Entrance to half of corridors of the Monastery is prohibited for trespassing and dedicated only for the prayers of the Carmelites under the vaults of the Cathedral. When they come out to pray in the surrounding area of the Monastery, barefoot monks with greenish from the seclusion faces covered by hoods, in belted ropes of heavenly colors - space around the Gothic Masterpiece turns into azure ocean.It is here Monarchs-Conquistador, who conquered half the world with fire and sword, sleep with their eternal sleep. 

Santa Maria da Vitoria Monastery in Batalia is one of the greatest European Gothic masterpieces, protected by UNESCO as a world heritage. It symbolizes Monarch’s kept promise and his gratitude to Holy Virgin Mary, for the Miracle graciously granted in response to his prayers. Priori impossible victory over the enemy witnessed a Miracle that 300 Spartans cannot even closely compare. As the promise was fulfilled, Santa Maria da Vitória Monastery till this day allows us to touch mysterious Middle Ages.

Baleal. Peniche. “Point Break”

Draw a Paradise in your imagination, an Island, stretching into the depth of the Ocean 60 kilometers away from the mainland. A promised land of Liberty, year-round attracting all those of free spirit: surfers, bikers, youth and all-known types of extreme-searchers. 
That is a renowned venue for World Surfing Championships, hold here under the non-stoping sound of parties and discos of the Surfers Bars of the coastline. 
Peniche Peninsula, speaking all-known languages of the world, used to be an Island until it merged with the mainland by a narrow isthmus creating astonishing outward-looking perspective. A city with 600 years history stretched right here along the Ocean, however, it acquired its global fame through superb coasts, making it the capital of the World Surfing. Right among these stunning sceneries legendary movie “Point Break” was filmed. And Patrick Swayze addressing Keanu Reeves uttered his famous phrase “Looks like this time you won't be getting your man. This game we both lose…”
All day long we’ll be taking surf master-classes. We’ll spend the evening by a giant bonfires dancing together with free-spirits, being guests of «Bar Do Bruno Night Oceanic Partу».

Service of Entertainment and Daily Tours together with The School of modern surfing "A.R.F. Surf Portugal", is proud to present the entertainment and educational surfing-program sets "SurfParadise" on the world's best SuperTubos surfing spots

  • Have You ever dreamed to master the art of surfing?
  • Quickly get on the board and saddle Your wave?
  • Is it possible if You see the surfing board for the first time and You only have time of your holiday available?

Service of Entertainment and Daily Tours, together with the instructors of the modern surfing school "ARF Surf Portugal", is proud to offer professional surfer-coaches, equipment and fabulous surfing for your pleasure and education. On the "Old Beach Surf West Coast" Baleal, fairy-tale of surf world on the peninsula of Peniche. (Note: after a few starting lessons at the luxurious pool and Turbo Jets at our Villas .

Fabulous surf spots of the Peniche peninsula are recognized to be the best in the world. Legendary SUPERTUBOS (home to world surfing championship RIP CURL PRO SEARCH) are waiting for you!

                                                                             Saddle the wave, stand on the board together !

                         Note: The cost of the surfing master-class, including rental of all the necessary equipment 20 eur / per hour

Official video of the school of modern surfing




Excellent Beaches. Paradise at the Ocean

Our Summer lasts till November. Diversity of landscapes, lagoons and magnificent sceneries, new emotions and experiences are there for your excellent beach holiday at the Ocean every day, somewhere the neighbors will not have been. "San Pedro de Moel" is a Mecca for funs of wild beach holidays from around the world. Superb Resort with unique warm coastal lagoons is available for those who appreciate secluded paradise on the ocean shores and endless wild beaches every day. It's one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Service of Entertainment and Daily Tours will bring You to the most pictoresque and safe beaches of the Coast, where lifeguard and security service are always on duty. 

Lisbon. Part #1

Shopping and fun in Lisbon. There’s always wider assortment of goods and branded items than in Milan here, but the prices are 15-35% less, and at sales even up to 50% off. Аesthetes know that better shopping than in Portugal does not exist. Tired of shopping – then, Coaches Museum is there for you - the most visited museum in Lisbon with Europe's largest collection of magnificent royal coaches and everything that moves. Then Fado show in spectacular Fado houses-restaurants in Alfama and Bairro Alto.

Passion, love, longing... Fado is a special style of music with hot sensual latin mistral in the background and a truly Portuguese dramatic anguish overtone «What a f…ng life». The action takes place by the open fire in the Fado restaurants, hanging above Lisbon on the cliffs. Performers take grotesque postures, the audience is crying in heady rapture. And the traditional Portuguese romances performed by Carminho is an unforgettable sight! Professional performers of Fado (fadista) let You into their art under the accompaniment of twelve-string guitars.



This day of Vacation we would dedicate to Spanish Extremadura, which is just 1.5 hour drive away. The land sought-after, yet at the same time unfortunately unaffordable for most tourist. Because it is located in a part of Spain opposite to Barcelona and Madrid (as well as dazzling and cheerful  Seville). To go there through the whole Spain is very much desirable, as well as very much expensive. 

These are the cities-tales described by Shakespeare, these are the stories all the way from the "Barber of Seville" to the " Marriage of Figaro ". Enormous quality of the World Heritage of Humanity pieces go along with the huge amount of boutiques, small shops, streets entirely commercial, adapted to the excellent shopping, compared to Madrid and Barcelona, yet with 25% lower prices.  Locals here are quite fashionable.

There is John Lennon’s street in the more modern part of the city, where you can find the best restaurants and major stores. Wandering through the beautiful small streets of the Old Town with its endless small cafes, it’s so easy to imagine that it is precisely here strolled great Cortés, considered an adventurer right until the time when he had destroyed the civilization of Maya Indians. It is here, Francisco Pissarro, the conqueror of the Aztecs, drank coffee in his favorite tiny cups. This is a Great Homeland of the expansion and expatriates... Who of those, recently travelling in Latin America has not heard of the name of the Virgin of Guadalupe?

It is true... it’s from here, that she had arrived to Latin America - on the blades of fighters-expatriates Conquistadors.

Merida is a very unusual Spanish city, where the number of architectural monuments is just" beyond the imagination". It is the museum of Antiquity under the open sky. Due to Merida we start to realize that Spain was Roman. Here, there are almost more of theatres and amphitheaters, than in Italy itself. In this city there are more survived monuments of the Roman Empire than in any other Spanish city or any other city of the Iberian Peninsula. It is worth of visit, in order to immerse ourselves in the times of gladiator’s fights and glamor of the roman emperors. Just to stroll on the old bridges over not less ancient rivers.

This city has survived through many eras - the reign of the Roman Emperors, the Arab conquests, the Kings of Spain, Napoleonic wars and the Industrial Revolution. Fortunately, today we have a possibility to admire the beautiful monuments of Ancient Roman architecture. All of the buildings of Merida are recognized by UNESCO as World’s heritage. The Festival of Classical theatre is organizes in Merida every year, in the summer time.  Heroes of the plays of Aeschylus and Sophocles, Euripides and Seneca, Shakespeare, and other great masters revive on the stage here over and over again. Merida, "Noble, Ancient, Great and Faithful Ciudad" will leave no one indifferent. 


Tourada / Corrida á Portuguesa

The roar and lights of night stadium, splendour and extravaganza of waistcoats and plumes, theater of courage raised to the level of national pride, the art of Fighting, passed from generation to generation for centuries... To comprehend Portuguese traditions you have to see a real bullfight.
Only here, at the Edge of the world, traditional bullfight of toreadors on foot *Furcado* is a lot of commoners. Only here, at the Edge of the world, bullfights on a warhorse is an exclusive prerogative of Nobles, fighting techniques - Cavaleiro, the Art of Fighting secretly passed over centuries in private clans of Matador dynasties.
Only here, even a child knows that a hand of Cavaliero fighting on furiously rotating warhorse, reclined back-down to please the crowd - in the reality is nothing, but willingly given sacrifice to the wrath of the bull, in order to cover horse’s jugular vein. Not recommended for the faint of heart. In this bloody bullfighting battle, even the most gifted warhorse doesn not survive more than five bouts. Alas, this is the rule, but :


                                                     MERLIN (ORFEO)& RALF PABLO


Today, to the pleasure of our Guests, we offer You a possibility to visit fights with the participation of the legendary Merlin. 

Best Football Matches

Prologue: don't forget that this is only a game and the real fun is just beginning…

Do you like football the way it’s loved in Portugal? If you try to make a portrait of a Portuguese, in spite of all the differences and diversity, one thing becomes quite obvious - everyone is totally in love with football… No, this is not correct; each Portuguese is obsessed with football...
At this End of the World, football is not just a sport or a hobby, football is life. They talk about it constantly, for hours at the dinner and lunch, in the cafes, restaurants and offices. And not only men - all of them, including children, women and elderly.
The Portuguese are born with the mind of a player the same way someone is born to be a trader or a writer. For them the game is life; the meaning of the game (of life) is the victory; defeat is death.
Each obstacle on the path to victory threatens your life. On the field, at the stands of the stadium, near the TV screens, in cafes, restaurants a Portuguese forgets the name of his wife, his children and himself. He knows only one thing: there is a ball and a line of sacred purpose.
Each Portuguese football passionate belongs to a certain club, which are numerous in Portugal. But there are main three ones: Benfica, Sporting and FCP (football Club of Porto). Funs of these three clubs despise each other, of course, with an exception of time of the major championships when they are starting to support the national team. It should be noted, that the fate of the amateur directly depends on the team supported. It’s going to be tuff for a student, if it turns out that he supports a different team than his teacher... To understand the scope of what is happening, it should be noted that in 2006, for example, the official Benfica funs club has been registered in the Guinness Book of world records thanks to its 160 thousand of supporters who regularly pay contributions.
Football is unofficial religion of Portugal. The defeat of the match is lamentation throughout the country. The victory is celebrated in the way more magical than any other national day – with its Majesty Carnival.
Best football matches are always at your disposal, and ... Don't forget : this is only a game. And the real party is just beginning.

Lisbon. Part #2

Lisbon is an old grinning minstrel… Warm Alfama quarter is a true historical soul of Lisbon, with its breathtaking views and a medieval maze. Christ the King Statue (Christo Rei) protectively overlooking and embracing the ancient metropolis. Whispers of old trams in central avenue Avenida da Liberdade. Magnificent district and majestic monasteries of Belem, located at the Tagus estuary, point of Portuguese caravels departure. Treasury of Vasco da Gama Discovery Age, Belem Tower, and Jeronimos Monastery - United UNESCO World Heritage Site at the edge of Europe. Vibrant nightlife, thousands of restaurants stretching over the old town and sleepless fun of the westernmost European capital. It’s impossible not to love this City. You will catch the romantic mood in its liberating breath of summer ocean breeze. Evening in Lisbon will immerse you in a cosy atmosphere of outdoor restaurants on the hills above the city, called not less than "The Institute of Porto", with all coming out of it consequences. We’ll taste all types of Portos, ever invented by mankind. If you are still holding on, our evening will continue in the arms of "Bairro Alto", never falling asleep quarter of vibrant European nightlife.


Portuguese Ranho

Curious, but Portuguese are completely unaware of what hangover really means. No wonder - perfect climate and excellent wines… Therefore, let’s download everything we need, and take off for a giant barbecue at the hospitable Portuguese Rancho. It’s a noble nest of Toreadors living here six generations in a row. Endless tables laid at the edge of the forest with a truly Portuguese generosity and best wines of all ever known harvests… fun & laughter… and at the same time lessons of classical Portuguese horse-riding. For children and adults, especially for women, who 15 minutes ago chatted "I… will… never… get on a horse" - carriages, coaches, ponies… horse riding along the ocean and among forests… horses specially trained for children… animals… hunting & bullfighting private arena… dancing warhorses... thoroughbred fighting horses, conquerors of bouts on real arenas…  that’s our Forest Matador BBQ, that lasts till we drop! 

Elvas. SPAIN. Badajos

Here, only an hour drive away, His Majesty Carnival welcomes you in a unique city, where, while dancing right on the street, you realize that you are both in Portugal and Spain at the same time. Two countries in one City-Carnival. The town itself is a large fortress built for the circular defense of all the sides. Elvas is perfectly preserved example of Dutch fortification. It’s a unique fortress of that type in the whole world, not found even in its native country, Holland. Unofficial emblem of the city is the Amoreira aqueduct, construction of 8 km long with the arches of 32 meters height. For too long inhabitants of this city looked right in the face of death, which incessantly watched them from the opposite Spanish side. And only with time, when the dust of time has settled, the enemy approached unnoticeably, and turned into an ally. And as if this were not enough, it’s been a long time that former "enemies" intermingled with local population, turning into locals themselves. This neighborhood has developed a particular attitude to life. The unbridled joy reigning at the Carnival of Elvas (Carnaval Internacional de Elvas) brought these feasts "all the Portuguese-Spanish glory”. And the dates of this festival of friendship are quite unusual as well - every weekend. Elvas is a the only city in Aletejo, where Carnivals are held in the summer, on the weekends, starting on Friday.

Just few minutes later, and we already walk through the tree-lined boulevards of the legend–city of Badajoz, the largest city in the Spanish Extremadura, founded in 875... The fortress-city with a huge amount of fortresses and bastions based to stand firm though long wars, with the Great Cathedral of Badajoz. Name of each place here is inextricably goes hand in hand with the name of Cervantes or of don Quixote... We’ll spend the evening strolling through the aisles of Spanish commercial district ideally created for shopping, densely stuffed with restaurants and outdoor cafes on the streets, where the Spanish guitars of troubadours tell the stories of unhappy love in the melodies of old Spanish romances.


The City and the University of Coimbra are two interrelated realities, which over time have shaped its image as "the city of students", attracting young people from every corner of the globe. The medieval capital of Portugal, founded as an ancient Italian-Portuguese settlement in the IV century, and site of the country’s greatest University, Coimbra wears its weighty importance, being nowadays Cultural Capital and the major Educational Center leaving Sorbonne far behind by its standards of education. You’ll keep encountering the past in “Portugal dos Pequenitos Park”, where reduced copies of the most famous Portuguese monuments are presented. 
Coimbra Shopping just has to be mentioned. Whatever you are in search of you would find among the variety of goods while shopping in Coimbra. Prices are very attractive (at times of sales they go down up to 30-35%).
Coimbra became famous for its fairs, shows, jazz, folk festivals and for its unique, hugely inviting manner of citizens to have fun together. World-known Fado shows in Traditional Restaurants of Old City make them an excellent place to spend the evening, especially a dinner in Medieval Castle, which has to be mandatory part of the our program. For those willing to continue the fun, open-air disco-clubs are right on the boulevards around the corner.



Let’s wander in old town of Nazare, a wonderful resort with palm trees and stores, souvenir shops and cozy cafes, endless beach and the promenade stretched right along the Atlantic coast, still keeping the atmosphere of provincial Middle Ages. That's the place to see people with imperturbable faces wearing clothes that came out of fashion a few hundred years ago. That’s the place to see a Knight in full combat ammunition with a glass of wine in his hand, every second adjusting huge sword in the scabbard, arguing with someone on a cell phone in the bar next door. It's the place to hear folk songs and music performed by the fishermen at work years ago. Often, scenes from centuries ago are played out right on the ocean shore. Evening will continue in a Traditional Portuguese fish restaurants, well-known all over the world. We’ll spend the night by the giant bonfires on the beach dancing with surfers + Hard Ass Session Ocean Party.


Majestic Porto - birthplace of Porto wines – is nothing like anything. This city gave name to the whole country. Northern capital of Portugal is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and true open-air Museum.

These lines are devoted to it...

Learn, absorb, wonder, discover, but where?
Yearning to be where I wasn't before
Look for warm, lively, or simply for fair?
Bitter and sweet, unknown wonders in store

Passion, beauty, burning into my heart
Sleek silhouettes of towers capture my soul
Gorgeous grandure beckoning a new start
Hidden marvels calling me for a stroll

People, joyous and seductively free
Joy of life vibrating through old steep streets 
Mysterious Douro, transfixing me
Majestic wild ocean your shoreline meets

The wind through your alleys whispers my name
Portuense, setting my heart aflame

Porto is a city without bottom, filled with surprising cultural treasures from the past and present, with its own 12th-century fortress-cathedral and Bishop's Palace. Winding medieval streets of riverfront neighborhood lead to a famous square Praça da Ribeira. Traditional boats floating at the quayside remind of times of Great Navigators, departing to explore New Worlds from this most picturesque spot of the city. Cross the river by walking over the Dom Luis Bridge, constructed by Eiffel long before his famous Tour D’Eiffel appeared. Let’s proceed to the other side of the Douro River toward famous wine cellars, where vintage porto wines are being aged. And here we go – wine tasting again, mandatory part of our exciting day program. After that - squares, palaces, churches, cathedrals with the world's largest pipe organs and all unique historical masterpieces, that fill one of the most magnificent cities in the World.


Caldas Da Rainha

Precise reason is unknown thus far, but almost everything in the Caldas de Rainha, including pottery, wine bottles, souvenirs, even homes are made in a form of erected, quite cheerful uh... phallus... This place could be called “city – p…s” with confidence. They say, this tradition takes it origin at the times of King Louis, who ones criticized local craftsmen for the ceramics they produced saying that they could have created something more exquisite than vegetable-like a pottery… 
Craftsmen questioned inertly of what exactly meant the King, and responded quite peculiar, with their inherent Portuguese wit. By his next visit everything transfigured dramatically. Apparently, the joy of the King did not have limit. Some were hanged, some were quartered, many had to migrate hastily holding tight their pottery wheels. However, the tradition survived, outlasted its “ideological inspire” and prospering till this day. These splendid items can be purchased right on the streets of this bustling and vibrant market town.
Caldas de Rainha terms are the oldest thermal springs in the world (1484), functioning to this day. Not only is it great for its healing waters it also boasts with its picturesque Green Park, charming medieval streets of open-air museum and, precisely, the pottery of excellent quality in a shape of… well-known all over the world with famous inscription “take as many p…s as you wish… for good luck” .
Excursion will continue in a Charming Resort – San Martino Do Porto. Nature created here unique calm waters in shell-shaped lagoon. From high above lagoon looks just perfect as if someone used a divider and a ruler featuring beach of perfect round form. Gold flakes mixed with sand makes the beach always twinkle with sparkles.

Grutas De Mira De Aire

Underground caves “Grutas Mira De Aire”, are one of the deepest and longest in the world, impress with their sizes. That’s one of the largest underground cave-cities in the world. Countless highlighted galleries, decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, some of which are more than 80 thousand years old; rock paintings; high arches caves; the origins of the underground river Rio Negro, that flows right inside of the caves; serpentine staircase leading down to the depth of 230 meters are only a small part of what you'll see.

Sintrа. Cabo Da Roca

"In all the land of Portugal, the whole expanse of Europe, Sintra stands out as one of the loveliest, rarest places that Nature's prodigious hand has created", wrote the poet Afonso Lopes Vieira. Palace of Sintra is the summer residence used by generations of Portuguese royalty. Pena National Palace, resembling Fairy Castle that combined all architectural styles, picturesquely nestled in the rolling hills and peaks of the Sintra mountain range. Another destination where nature and art beautifully complement each other, another remarkable masterpiece would be the fantasy "Palace of the Millions," part of the Regaleira Estate. It’s surrounded by a garden filled with mythological and esoteric mysterious symbols, not decrypted till this day in spite of all the attempts of researches. If you go to Sintra, you cannot afford missing a visit to the westernmost point of the Eurasian continent, the headland of Cabo da Roca. A huge cliff hanging over the ocean on more than 140 meters height that obtained unofficial title of "the Cape of Destiny". Pleasant addition to an excursion would be a Certificate of attendance that claims: “This certificate commemorates your visit to Cabo Da Roca at the Edge of the World, where the land ends and the sea begins, where The Spirit of Faith, Love and the Pursue of Adventures urged Portuguese Caravels to head the Ocean for New Worlds”.

Spain. Seville

Romantic Obidos 

OBIDOS is known as the "Wedding Present Town" gifted by King Dinis to his beloved Queen on the day of their wedding in 1282, attracting to Obidos plenty of Royal lovers and honeymooners tsince then. This extraordinarily romantic medieval village is a truly authentic, incredibly picturesque open-air museum. Whitewashed monasteries, churches of Carmelites and Dominicans, cobblestone streets lined with colorful houses filled with geraniums and bougainvillea, Gothic doorways and windows, flowerpots and dazzling tiles, all encircled by the walls of a 12th century castle, make it one of the most romantic medieval villages in Europe. Obidos regularly opens its doors to the medieval and national holidays, becoming a real fairy tale. Fully dressed in medieval costumes noblemen, beggars, mule-drivers, jugglers, musicians, jesters and dancers animate the town’s streets, recreating the spirit of medieval Europe amusing all the participants with shows, displays costumed parades, stilts, masquerades, merry-go-rounds and open-air dances.

Mountain adventures. Serra da Estrela

Let’s go the Mountains - incredibly beautiful Serra de Estrella - Manteigas. It’s a gorgeous natural reserve, the main natural attraction of the country, where the highest Portugal mountain ridge and the European ski resort are located. Ski slopes with an impressive height difference, sceneries and landscape are simply breathtaking. Serra de Estrella has something to offer for everyone. For active - skiing, sunbathing, gliders, snowboards, snowmobiles and bicycles. For those, who prefer relaxing time spending – ideal conditions for hiking, horseback riding in the mountains and enjoying perfect time in the lap of Nature. And of course, after all – a visit to Hunter’s restaurants for everyone!

Skiing in swimming suites and shorts in the summer? – It is possible! Ski and sunbathe at the same time on the slopes of Serra de Estrela – Manteigas (the slopes and snow are artificial). All the equipment is available at the resort rentals.


Wine Tasting Affaires

“Such fine wines as in Portugal (without even mentioning the national portos) – do not exist elsewhere in the world”. This saying well applies both to the young green wines Verde (the only one in the world), and to the bottles awaiting for their connoisseurs in the old cellars for more than 200 years. Wine tasting tours to the Wine Museum will allow you to appreciate true mastership of Portuguese virtuosos-winemakers. You'll be able to take with you, whatever you enjoy the most…

Alcobaca monasteries

Santa Maria de Alcobaça Abbey (1153) is one of the most outstanding architectural monuments in the world, and the Grandest Monastery in Portugal. It’s also acknowledged as the best example of Cistercian architecture in Europe. This Church, as well as a bigger half of all Portugal though, was listed to the UNESCO’s World Heritage. The history of this place is inseparably linked with love story of King Pedro I and his sweetheart Ines de Castro, beautiful and tragic at the same time, therefore making them Portuguese Romeo and Juliet. Elaborated tombs of the Monarchs, Great Knights-Conquerors, Conquistadores and Pioneer-Sailors are diligently kept within walls of the monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobaça.

Santa Maria Waterfalls

Santa Maria waterfalls are only couple minutes away from our Villas. It is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal. Located right by the Carmelite Chapel of the 16th century and Italian Сathedral. It’s covering the area of several kilometers around by its unique microclimate. Cozy wine tables, carved from solid rock, conveniently located by the falls, allow you to relax completely in the shade and enjoy tastes of old Portuguese portos under the sound of the waterfalls of Santa Maria.


Tomar & Almourol

Legend says that the greatest treasure of the Templar knights - the "Holy Grail” is hidden in Tomar. Majestic Monastery was originally founded as a residence of Templar Knights Archmagister, it’s standing right on the hill overlooking the Naban river. One more Ancient Castle – Almourol, that also used to serve a stronghold of the famous Order located just close by. It looks truly fabulous, and although its origin goes back to 1171 year, the Castle is still covered with legends, rumors and mysteries…


Right in the thick of the Forest Reserve located in the heart of the Serra do Buçaco is hiding the most exquisite and grandiose European palace, magnificent residence surrounded by aura of mystery. This extravagant structure is an architectural fantasy, created in a very unusual for this area manner. Exotic species surrounding the palace were purposely brought here by explorers from many parts of the world. The Bussaco Forest was first settled by monks way back in the 6th century. In 16th century Carmelites, an order of barefooted monks, took it over. They built a monastery and surrounded the 250-acre forest with a wall separating them from the world of ordinary people. For a few centuries women were banned from this "garden of Eden" by papal decree to keep the monks free from temptation. Monks turned common forest into a special reserve, by creating bridges and hidden grottoes, garden seats, pergolas, chapels and artificial fountains. Later in the 19th Century Bussaco turned into a residence and hunting lodge of the Portuguese royal family, and later on in  Europe's best value grand hotel. That where our adventure is heading…

Spain. Salamanca



Service of Entertainment and Daily Tours is proud to present the best 18 hole golf course on the planet for all, no matter if You are golf enthusiast, beginner or professional.

It does not matter if You see a golf club for the first time in Your life, want to learn or master the art of the game - our personal coaches and caddies will accompany You for the whole time during GolfPlay.

Yacht Club & OceanFishing

Leave everything behind the stern ... set Your face against the wind and the waves splashing in the pursuit of the sun as it sets down in the ocean...

Fully equipped yachts are always ready to serve our guests with unforgettable tuna fishing, hunting for swordfish, squid, octopus and sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.

On our fishing routes, you can always bag a serious catch: sailfish, spearfish, golden mackerel, wahoo; but the dream of every avid fisherman is the blue marlin. Reaching a size of up to 4 meters and weighing up to 500 pounds, it is caught here all year round.

Within 10 kilometers from the coast, the fabulous world of the BARLENGA island nature reserve awaits You, its flora and fauna preserved in its original state of several thousand years. Lovers of quality diving in corral caves will witness the magical underwater world of the island, and the possibilities of underwater hunting and games in the company of numerous friendly dolphins. Our boats will take you to the warm lagoon-lakes of Obidos, and thermal stations Caldas de Rainha.

Harley Davidson Club & Old Beach Club

For all the enthusiasts of motorcycles and drives along the coast,  always has at its disposal the newest models of "Harley Davidson", Custom Bikes and quad bikes both for private drives and journeys along the ocean, as well as for parties during the world biking sessions in Old Beach (san Pedro de Ouro), noisy surf parties on the Peniche peninsula, Baleal, (Bar do Bruno Night Party), and for the travel option "wherever Your eyes take You".


Service of Entertainment and Daily Tours delightfully introduces private tours for funs of inspiring casino soirees at the most sophisticated and glamorous entertainment complexes of best Portugal casinos, easily competing Las Vegas by their score. Individual transfers, accompanying of interpreters and risk managers (StopGuys that will terminate the game for over-hazardous players, at a level agreed before the beginning of the game) are at any time available for our Guests.

Children in Fun

Entreprise service of the " SLH" hotel created this entertainment program especially for our younger guests.

1. Aqua parks

2. Children's Country "Kindzaniya"

Voyages to the world of aquaparks and the Children's country "Kindzaniya" (occuring in the company of a kind, but strict educators) .

Kindzaniya is a theme city for children, a huge entertainment and educational center for children from 3 to 16 years old. It is artificially created, but neveretheless a real child's world, with lots of attractions, its own streets, avenues, traffic lights – absolutely real. The country is designed specifically for children in believable, beautiful, interesting, and most importantly – understandable way. Children get a chance to be free in Kindzaniya (because when you visit the park each child wears a bracelet to keep track of his whereabouts at any time).

Children are provided with a certain amount of local currency, "kidzo", which can be spent on attractions and entertainment in the park. To refill the «cash» children will have to "work". To do this,  the children are given proper outfits and tools of their profession. There are about 80 professions that can be mastered in the park – from chef or fireman, to a surgeon or aircraft pilot. All work in the "Kidzania" is based on three principles: it must be realistic, it must develop kindness and care in children, be active and educational, and most importantly – fun and challenging.

3. Lisbon Oceanarium (the largest in the world)

Lisbon Zoo is considered to be one of the best in the world. It created the conditions as close to the natural habitat for its 2,000 animals of different species as possible. In addition, the zoo has a dolphinarium, entertainment theme park, cable car and an area for families. Dolphinarium, opened in 1995,  is very popular, and the performances are held here among the scenery reminiscent of a fishing village. Dolphins and sea lions perform during the show. Visitors have the opportunity to not only admire their acrobatics, but to also get some interesting information about these animals. The Lisbon Zoo also holds shows with parrots, who astonish the audience with their intelligence and ability to use roller skates and small bikes. Using the cable car, a journey which takes 30 minutes, allows you to witness the zoo from height, including the enclosures inhabited by lions, tigers, hippos and other animals.

4. Badoka Safari Park

Driving through the park by car or bus, you will remain in full confidence that you are in a real African safari: giraffes, lions, zebras, tigers ... All the animals roam freely in the wild. You can feed fabulously beautiful fish right from your hands. Every hour there are interesting presentations at the dolphinarium, circus of monkeys or pool with sea lions. You will be able to visit the camp of the biggest and kindest land animals - elephants, as well as to ride on top of them. After that, a dizzying descent on the rough mountain river awaits you, providing vivid emotions and a sea of adrenaline.

5. Speed Motorways

Have fun and ride at the European largest outdoor go-karting circuits conveniently located minutes away from our Villas, offering you over 150 models of karts and quad bikes with a variety of speeds and specs, ensuring that an option exists for drivers of all experience levels. Our outdoor karting tracks represent reduced copy of FORMULA 1 SINGAPORE GRAND PRIX, meeting all the requirements of Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). 

Karting formats include professional sprint racing and grand prix heats, and accompanied by spacious stands, comfortable security zones and fresh-air bars. Furthermore, Junior Hobby Circuits are especially reserved for beginners. Eleven tracks in total. Best of the best have a chance to try themselves on professional tracks, counting 2000 meters of overall length. The hobby tracks length runs at an average of 700 meters.